Sunny Obama Finally Stopped Pooping In The White House

Photo: Pete Souza/The White House
Now that the Obamas have just a month left in the White House, all the secrets are coming out. The latest bombshell came from Michelle Obama's interview with Ryan Seacrest when she revealed something hilarious about one of their dogs, Sunny: She poops in the White House. CBS White House News correspondent Mark Knoller posted the transcript on Twitter, showing us every glorious word. After Seacrest asked the First Lady if Sunny and Bo, the dynamic dog duo, had been naughty or nice, Michelle gave him the scoop (pun intended). "They were very nice. You see how patient they are," she began. "And I told you, they are excellent ambassadors. They are very good. And Sunny has stopped running to the end of the hall and pooping." Apparently, the Portuguese water dog got a little confused with the many wings and halls of the building. "That was a naughty thing she was doing for a couple of years," the First Lady continued, explaining that because the west side was so far away from the east side, Sunny thought the east side was outside, and she'd sneak down there to poop. "And she knew she shouldn't do it because she'd have to go by the President's office, and if he saw her he'd be like, 'Hey, Sunny!'" We can't lie, that's a pretty amazing thing to picture. Let's hope that moving to a smaller house will put a stop to this issue for good — but that the cute photos happen forever.

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