Netflix Just Sent Out A Creepy Tweet Asking, “Have You Seen Death?”

Netflix officially has no chill. On Monday, the streaming platform's account tweeted, "Have you seen death?" — prompting its followers to look over their shoulders for any lurking ghosts.
That eerie line was followed by, "Have you seen darkness?" and, lastly, "Have you seen light?"
Despite the cryptic messages, Netflix wasn't merely trying to troll fans: The creepy tweets are a part of a social media campaign for its new show The OA. In addition to establishing that the show is don't-watch-alone levels of freaky, Netflix released a preview today, and the series looks pretty damn awesome. From the just-released trailer, The OA looks like a combination of Stranger Things and a straight-up ghost story. The new show is from the team behind "environmental terrorism" film The East and the lesser-known Sound of My Voice, an excellent (and very unsettling) film about a couple who infiltrates a cult. As with both films, The OA stars Brit Marling, who acts as writer and producer along with partner Zal Batmanglij. Though the trailer leaves the plot of the series purposefully vague, it appears to be about Prairie Jackson (Marling), a woman who is found seven years after she mysteriously disappears. Where Prairie went — and whether it was of this world — is the question the trailer poses.
The Instagram account for the new series, which began posting three days ago, is also giving fans more questions than answers. When you look at all of the photos as a whole, they form a collage of Marling, peppered with quotes, including, "How do you cross a border that's hard to define?" and, "This is a dream but you're wide awake." Certain photos in the collage are actually videos, such as the one below.

I remember

A video posted by The OA (@the_oa) on

As mysterious as The OA seems now, it won't be for long. The Netflix series begins streaming on the platform Friday, December 16.

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