Twitter Is Losing It Over This “Clorox Bath Bomb” Beauty Fail

Bath bombs represent so much more than a way to start a soak: the vividly colored, happiness-inducing, and effervescent spheres signal reprieve from a cold, dark world — all while evoking childlike wonder. The fizz! The colors! The scent! So imagine how hilariously disorienting it would be to have this happy place be usurped by a toilet-bowl cleaner. That’s right: a toilet-bowl cleaner. That’s just the hand that Kayla Harris was dealt when she tossed a Clorox Bleach and Blue Toilet Bowl Cleaner disk into the bath recently, thinking it was a Lush Bath Bomb. As Hello Giggles reports, Harris shared the disappointing outcome on Twitter. “I’m so upset. My first bath bomb and it wasn’t even real,” she shares in the post. “It stained my hand.” This isn’t the first time someone has mistaken the two bathroom products for each other. Some have accidentally bombed their toilets when cleaning:
Lush, which is pretty much winning Twitter this week, feels Harris' pain. “Toilet-bowl cleaners just don't compare,” the brand wrote on Twitter. “DM us and we'll make sure you both get the real bath-bomb experience.” How’s that for a silver lining?

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