Skylar Astin & Anna Camp Have An Aca-mazing Holiday Wish List

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There are celebs that you like to follow, but wouldn't necessarily want to know in person, and celebs that you want to be best friends with and talk to every day. Pitch Perfect's perfect real-life couple, Skylar Astin and Anna Camp, fall into the latter group. The co-stars, who were married in an Instagram-worthy ceremony this past September, are every bit as hilarious and down-to-earth as their characters. Well, maybe not Camp's type-A Aubrey, but Astin's Treblemaker Jesse, for sure. Before they shared their holiday-party tips with American Express, Refinery29 talked to the couple about their wish lists, favorite emoji, and Spotify playlists. Rest assured, their music picks are aca-mazing.
R29: What gadgets are on your wish list? Skylar Astin: "There's this KitchenAid stand mixer — they come in mint and pink and red..."
Anna Camp: "Maybe Santa Claus will bring me one. I love baking cupcakes. I'm a huge fan of making these amazing espresso Nutella cupcakes and I feel like a KitchenAid would be very beneficial for that."
R29: What gadget did you use the most this year?

SA: "We made great use out of our Harman Kardon Onyx Studio speaker. Unfortunately, we left it outside and it got rained on."
AC: "It never rains in L.A., but the one day it rained, it just ruined the speaker. So we're hoping that maybe Santa Claus will bring us that, too. We want to epically entertain and we need a KitchenAid and speaker to do both those things."
SA: "We over epic-ed in 2016 and now we need more epic-ness."
R29: What are your holiday-party musts?

SA: "Honestly, when it comes to a party, if the music isn't a constant, it's not a party. We always make sure that we have multiple speakers going — one for indoor, one for outdoor."
AC: "And of course, you have to have your iPhone with your Spotify playlists. I usually put on a cool, retro, '60s channel."
R29: What other songs usually make it onto your playlist? SA: "It depends what kind of party we're throwing. At our wedding after-party, we made sure that there was plenty of top 40 stuff. But when we're doing our home parties, it's a lot of '60s rock and roll."
AC: "Yeah, and I'm a huge Sam Cooke fan. I love 'You Send Me.' And James Brown's 'Get On Up.'"
SA: "It gets everyone to get on up. Lately, for the holidays, we've been doing a lot of cozy jazz from the classic jazz channel. And a little Blake Shelton Christmas never hurt anybody."
R29: Favorite emoji? AC: "I'm into the peace sign. If we can get a little love with a peace-sign emoji, then let's do it."
SA: "I'm I'm a big thumbs-upper these days. A lot of affirmative thumbs-upping for me. And when I'm texting Anna, there are a lot of heart eyes."
R29: What were the last texts you sent each other?

SA: "[To say ] that I had landed in L.A. — I had just come off a red-eye."
AC: "And I had said, 'Have a safe flight love,' with a heart emoji."
R29: Neither of you have a Snapchat — why not?

"It seems very stressful."
SA: "That and Periscope seem like too much to me. It's almost like hey, let's keep a little bit of anonymity in the world. We like Instagram and Twitter — we're old-fashioned when it comes to the social-media world. We're super retro. Please add me on Friendster." [Ed. note: Skylar Astin does not actually have a Friendster account, although we really wish he did.]

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