The Lizzie McGuire Movie As A Thriller IS Actually What Dreams Are Made Of

Photo: Walt Disney/REX/Shutterstock
If you're still not entirely over how badly Paolo tried to sabotage Isabella in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, you're going to absolutely love this fan-made trailer. The fan finally gives Paolo the villainous justice he deserves, turning the beloved Disney movie into a terrifying thriller...and it's genius. YouTuber Elle of the Mills specializes in pop culture mashups, and her take on everybody's favorite teenager-turned-singing-sensation (sorry, Hannah Montana!) is nothing short of brilliant. If you recall, in the film, Lizzie and her crew travel on a school trip to Rome to find romance, adventure, and gelato, and Lizzie ends up being mistaken for an international pop sensation named Isabella by her creepy, slimy partner, Paolo. (Isn't that how all school trips to Europe go?) Poor, sweet Lizzie (also played by Hilary Duff in a totally convincing brunette wig) ends up roped into a devious lip synching scheme designed by Paolo to embarrass the real Isabella. Yes, on the surface it seemed like this movie was a lighthearted, family-friendly affair, but there was so much more to Paolo than his '70s coif and collared shirts. The trailer puts Lizzie in the center of an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting plot, proving that Lizzie McGuire as a thriller is actually what dreams are made of. Will Gordo save the day? Is Paolo so yesterday? Check out the trailer to find out.

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