Ryan Gosling, Perfect Man, Adds Piano Playing To Arsenal Of Charms

Sometimes there are thoughts and feelings that can only be conveyed by memes. Things like frustration, irony, and Donald Trump's actual thoughts are too ineffable to be captured through traditional means of linguistic representation. So we have memes. In that spirit, allow us to show you this, created by us, for you.
That sound you hear is millions of straight men howling in frustration that they'll never measure up to Gosling. Drag. What happened was Ryan Gosling is starring alongside Emma Stone in La La Land and took the opportunity to get insanely good at piano. Like, he's even impressing John freaking Legend. Gosling said, in a featurette produced by ET, that he practiced four hours a day for three months to prepare for his role as a jazz musician. "I'm, like, skeptical," Legend, who's played piano since age 4, said of Gosling's claim. "I'm thinking he was secretly learning since he was 4, too." Everything that's come about La La Land paints a picture of the first great movie of 2016. Gosling and co-star Emma Stone's duet is fantastic even without the context of the movie. And director Damien Chazelle wowed us all with his Whiplash. (I'm not personally emotionally prepared for our best young director being a jazz obsessive, but we have to take wins wherever we can get them.) Basically the whole thing looks crazy stupid good. Watch the ET featurette below.

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