Tuck Your Cell Phone Into This $100 Charging Bed

Photo: Courtesy of Thrive Global.
For some of us, our cell phones are our entire lives. We protect them like they're our children, always keeping at least one eye on them and never having them out of reach. If you're looking to take this metaphor even further, there's a product out there that will help you do so. It's called The Phone Bed Charging Station, and it's made by Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington's new start-up.

With the Phone Bed, you can literally tuck your sweet baby smartphone in at night and make sure it gets the replenishment it needs to be right by your side again tomorrow. The concept is actually meant to allow you to relax without the distraction of your phone. The product's description says, "By giving our phones their own bed — outside our bedroom — we can say goodnight to our day and get the sleep we need to wake up fully recharged." You can even include your actual children in the phone bedtime ritual, as there is "room in the bed for the whole family's devices."

If you're thinking, hold up, I'm not paying $100 just for a place to throw my phone at night, don't worry because the Phone Bed is way fancier than that. You can purchase it in either mahogany or poplar, and it comes with a satin-clad mattress and a dual-sided Microfiber and satin blanket. There are also velvet-lined pockets under the bed, where your tablets can sleep soundly. So, if you want your mobile devices to get a better night's rest than you do on an average night, The Phone Bed Charging Station is just for you.

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