29 Recipes That Have “Winter” Written All Over Them

We've had our fair share of snowpocalypse in the past years, but this week, the East Coat was hit with something many of us had never heard of: a bomb cyclone. While that technically just refers to a drop in pressure in a weather system, the words alone are enough to send us ducking for cover (and under some warm, fleecy blankets).
And while we're curled up for our mini January hibernation, there's no better activity than making some comforting winter foods. After all, it's not like you want to leave your house. While take-out can be a lifeline, truly homemade foods (that also fill your apartment with delicious smells) will keep you warm from start to finish.
Ahead, 29 inspiring winter recipes that are the perfect accompaniment for catching up with Riverdale and wearing fuzzy socks. (Or just staring at the snow, relieved you don't have to be in it.) There are cheesy, steamy options, but also some that take advantage of our favorite seasonal flavors as well.
Cold-weather months are when citrus fruits, like oranges and grapefruit, are at their ripest, which makes for plenty of options. Not to mention some produce, like pumpkins, pineapple, and winter squash, are still in season. So if you didn't quite satisfy your pumpkin cravings in 2017, there's still time.
Click through to see some of the most comforting, winter recipes we could find.
Kayla Isaacs contributed reporting.

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