ALL The Winter Products To Add To Your Whole Foods List This Year

Photo: Courtesy of Whole Foods.
Baby, it's cold outside — and you know what that means: No, we don't really want to be out enjoying the holiday decorations and strolling down the street with a hot chocolate on a particularly chilly day. What we really want is to be shut inside in our jammies, browsing Netflix with one hand, and holding a wintery-themed snack in the other.

And since we're generally going to want to keep our outings to a minimum, we're going to need to stock up on all of our fave limited-edition offerings. Who needs to leave the house for holiday cheer when you can pull some out of the pantry, instead? In addition to its typical snack game, Whole Foods is offering a slew of winter-themed products this year that fit right in with our binge-watching schedule. If we're going to be watching every bad Christmas romantic comedy, we're sure as hell going to need some peppermint, gingerbread, and mulling spice-flavored eats to go with it.

Ahead, find 29 products to add to your next shopping list. Because it just wouldn't be the holidays without a bottle of almond milk eggnog.

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