Forget Blooming Marshmallows — Meringue Coffee Is Here

First came red wine hot chocolate and then came blooming marshmallows. And just when we thought holiday drink trends were cooling down, another hot latte started taking over Instagram: a meringue cookie-topped coffee. Behold its structural beauty and bask in its snowy-peaked glory.

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According to Mashable, this spectacularly seasonal creation hails from Korea's Takeout Drawing cafe. The beverage consists simply of espresso and milk topped with the whimsical meringue cookie tower. And although it does not offer a blooming show for its sippers, it can be dipped and munched — oh, and Instagrammed, too.
Curious as to what this artful cup of joe is called? It's dubbed the "Paul's Meringue Factory." Even though that is the actual name of the drink, I imagine this wondrous factory as a place that is filled with never-ending batches of fluffy, sugary meringue. But in order to visit, you'll have to buy a ticket to Asia. So we'll just be over here DIYing these beauties until airfare drops or Takeout Drawing sets up shop in the states.

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