Justin Bieber Is Basically A Carbon Copy Of His Father At The Same Age

Justin Bieber has been sporting some seriously blonde locks as of late, but his hair color is about the only thing that separates him from looking like a twin of his young dad. On Monday, the Biebs posted a pic of his father Jeremy Bieber from back in the day, and it's pretty striking how much the two look alike. It's unclear if the Biebs noticed the similarities or not — but he did credit his dad with passing down some "good genes."
Though it's unclear how old Jeremy is in this pic, he looks roughly around the age of Bieber today, who is 22. Is it wrong for me to think that Bieber's dad was pretty swoon-worthy back in the day? Welp, looks like I just did. Some basic info about Jeremy? He's currently engaged to his long-term girlfriend Chelsey Rebelo, reports Entertainment Tonight. He also has two other children, Bieber's half-siblings Jaxon and Jazmyn. Here's what he looks like now:
Jeremy is, apparently, a die-hard hat guy, in addition to being a supportive dad. He routinely shares photos and sentiments about Justin and the rest of his kids:

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