A Taco Bell Employee With Tons Of Stoned Customers Did An Amazing Reddit AMA

Photo: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images.
If you thought celebrity AMAs were the best Reddit had to offer, wait until you read this one by a Taco Bell employee. Redditor TeddyHansen, who works the graveyard shift in a state that has legalized pot (that's about to become significant) announced Tuesday morning that they were taking questions. "I've worked in the lobby, on line, food prep, stocking, dishes, and drive thru. About 60% of my time working there has been working drive thru, because I suck at making the food," they very candidly wrote. "I won't answer any questions about recipes because I'm pretty sure that's in my contract." And that's not a problem, because it turns out are are far more interesting things to talk about. The most up-voted question is, "What was the weirdest order you've gotten from people who are obviously stoned beyond belief?" It's a three-way tie between the "guy who keeps mistaking us for KFC (our building is about 60 feet away from one) and argues with us when we tell him he's in the wrong drive thru," the "guy last week who thought happy hour was 2 a.m., not 2 p.m. (again, he argued)," and the "woman who ordered 4 XXL Grilled Stuft Burritos and paid for them in nickels and dimes, a whole fucking ziploc of them." That last one "started crying halfway through her order," they added. "Not sure what the fuck was going on there, but I felt bad for her." But for the most part, stoned people don't really cause problems, since they're so "mellow." So, the "craziest order" they've ever gotten is not from a stoned person. It's from a regular. "This same fucking guy comes in once a week asking for two taco 12-packs with all soft tacos with no beef, no lettuce, no cheese. He shows up at midnight and pays almost 30 bucks for a bag of 24 tortillas," they recall. "Hell if I know." Since it appears they've seen so much of the world, we were surprised to learn TeddyHansen is not old enough to smoke weed. One comment suggests they're in Oregon, where the legal smoking age is 21. All we can say is, it looks like they've got a bright future ahead.

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