#DatingIsHardBecause Might Be Twitter’s Realest Hashtag Yet

Hashtags come and go on Twitter, but sometimes they're so real that their words stay with us forever. That's definitely the case for #DatingIsHardBecause, the relatable AF hashtag that's been keeping single people busy all day. Of course, we don't need social media to remind us of the perils of dating, but it does help to know that we're not experiencing the struggle alone. For instance, many of the tweets nail the fact that the hardest part about dating is the fact that you run into the same problems over and over again.
Of course, other people aren't entirely to blame. There are one or two personal problems that we could do with working out.
But even if we do, who even has the time to invest in all the craziness?
Plus, relationships are hard!
Oh well. Dating is definitely worth it for the happiness you can find with a partner, but that doesn't make it any easier. At least Twitter has our backs, even if we end up scrolling through it alone with twenty cats.

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