Emma Stone Doesn't Know How To Do The Running Man

Emma Stone does a mean stanky leg. Her "Single Ladies" moves would get a nod of approval from Beyoncé herself. Her tap dancing is superb. But her Running Man? Oh, honey.

Stone, who spins and twirls through much of La La Land, got to showcase her skills during a round of "Last Dance" on The Ellen Show this week. While she had no trouble busting out a belly dance or a waltz, the actress came up short when asked to do the Running Man.

Did she pump her knees and call on the power of MC Hammer? No. She literally jogged in place.

"is it this?" she asked Ellen DeGeneres mid-jog.

"No," the unimpressed host shot back. "That's not it."

In true Stone fashion, it's all very endearing. But seriously... what was she doing in the '80s and early '90s?
Video: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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