Sorry, But It's Just Not Thanksgiving Without A Friends Homage

Video: Courtesy of NBC/Warner Bros.
There's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, there's the turkey, there's the post-turkey nap, there's the football, and there's the arguing with your cousins about the election. But remember when Turkey Day also used to involve a Thursday night Must See TV session with your family, your friends, and your Friends?

One of our favorite holiday traditions used to be tuning in to see what elaborate feast Monica Geller had whipped up, thanklessly, while her nearest and dearest picked fights, brought truly awful guests, and tried to force-feed everyone meat covered in custard and jam. The sitcom gave us the Geller Bowl, Joey in maternity pants, and Brad Pitt. It gave us Ross' Moist Maker sandwich and Rachel's revolting trifle. It gave us the terrible motivation to stick our heads inside a turkey cavity, slap on a fez and some novelty sunglasses, and dance around. Trust us: It's not as fun as it looks.

In honor of those magical memories, we're highlighting our favorite Friends Thanksgiving moments. This should keep you distracted when the relatives start arguing about politics again.

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