Someone Recreated Ross’ Iconic Friends Thanksgiving Sandwich

We all have our own version of the day-after-Thanksgiving sandwich. If we may be so bold, we think leftover mishmash masterpieces are even better than the meal itself. And we know Ross from Friends would agree with us with us. Remember "The One With Ross's Sandwich," where someone at work ate Ross’ leftover Thanksgiving sandwich and all hell broke loose? Well, according to Buzzfeed, YouTube cooking sensation Oliver Babish recreated it, complete with "Moist Maker," so we can all attempt the very sandwich that was good enough to get Ross put on sabbatical. Babish is known for cooking otherwise fictional foods, like the burger from the Parks and Rec cook-off or Louis C.K.’s potluck fried chicken. So we trust that his version of the iconic hero would get Ross' seal of approval. Before you place this post-Thanksgiving meal in your company fridge, make sure that you put a big “DO NOT EAT” Post-it on it. We wouldn’t want you to pull a Ross. Or maybe, just to be on the safe side, don't bring the beloved sandwich to the office at all.

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