We Have An Exclusive First Look At The HTGAWM Finale: “Who Died”

Photo: Nicole Wilder/Courtesy of ABC.
Last week, How to Get Away With Murder revealed that viewers will finally find out the mystery that's been stumping us all season: Who is the dead person being carried out of Annalise's house fire on a stretcher? It's also likely that we'll learn why Annalise apparently set her own house ablaze. If Thursday night seems too far away, fear not: We've got a sneak peek at the HTGAWM winter finale for you. So, what can we expect from the highly anticipated episode? We've seen Annalise screaming and crying in horror when she looks at the dead body under the sheet. Through the good ol' fashioned process of elimination, fans can deduce that the victim is likely one of two people. It's a man — but it's not Wes, Oliver, or Asher, who are all shown to still be alive. That leaves Frank and Nate (from the pool of characters we know of, at least). And this new clip leads us to believe that one of those two is much more likely to be the victim. In the scene, we see Annalise dropping by her hairdresser's (Mary J. Blige) — which, in turn, leads her to a heated confrontation with ADA Atwood regarding none other than Nate. Watch the sneak peek below to draw your own conclusions — and get pumped for the big reveal Thursday night at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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