This Stranger Things Lego Remake Has Us So Pumped For Season 2

Video: Courtesy of Bookshelf Productions.

Sorry, gang, but we will never get tired of Stranger Things parodies — especially when they involve our favorite childhood toys.

The clever crew at Bookshelf Productions has delivered an impressively detailed remake of the Netflix hit's first season, all made with Legos. You haven't seen Barb bite the big one until you've seen it like this.

The stop-motion video includes dialogue from the original show, as well as some bitchin' '80s tunes. Some observations: Eleven's shaved head looks scarier in the Lego-verse, as does Dr. Brenner's face. Steve's hair, strangely, seems less ridiculous. And whoever decided to include Mr. Clark's ruined date night deserves a lifetime supply of Eggos.

Keep 'em coming, folks. If we have enough parodies and tribute videos out there, we might just be able to make it through the painful wait for season 2.

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