10 Times Another TV Show Threw In A Perfect Gilmore Girls Reference

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Gilmore Girls is famous for its rapid-fire pop culture references. In a single conversation, Rory and Lane might jump from Janis Joplin to Kelly Clarkson. Lorelai's morning diner chats with Luke can contain enough movie titles to fill an advanced film seminar syllabus. But just because other shows aren't so prolific with their references doesn't mean they don't talk about other pieces of pop culture—including Gilmore Girls.
The mother-daughter drama has been brought up by a number of your other favorite TV characters. Television doctors passing the time with some late-night viewing talk up the show. Animated aliens prove they enjoy watching the Gilmores' unique bond. This Reddit thread acts as a list of all the GG TV references (and would double as one of the strangest Netflix queues ever). Click through to see all the times Gilmore Girls was name-dropped across the television landscape.

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