Stacey Dash Tried To Criticize Beyoncé's Mom, Gets Stung By The BeyHive Instead

Mess with Beyoncé and you'll definitely get stung. But, mess with Queen Bey's mom and you'll feel the wrath of the whole Beyhive. Unfortunately, Stacey Dash learned this the hard way.

According to Mediate, it all started with an Instagram photo Tina Lawson posted of Kelly Rowland dressed as Dionne, Dash's character from Clueless, for Halloween. While Rowland's look was spot-on, it was the caption that got people talking.

"This is my baby as Dionne last night," Lawson wrote. "Of course, she is prettier and more smart than the one from the movie."

Lawson later removed that line from the photo's caption, writing, "lord no shade intended!!!! It was a character in a movie!!!!"
Dash wasn't buying it and wrote a blog post calling out Lawson for calling her ugly and making fun of her intelligence. "First of all, if you’re trying to throw shade about someone’s intelligence," Dash wrote. "Maybe use 'smarter' instead of 'more smart.'"

In the end though, the actress, who has gone after Beyoncé before, explained, "Kelly Rowland is a beautiful girl and I love the costume! Imitation is the best form of flattery."

But for the Beyhive, the damage had been done and they quickly took to Twitter to let Dash know how they felt about her comments.

Most had fun with gifs, like Whoopi Goldberg's character in Ghost warning Dash, "You in danger, girl."

Others were having a good time joking that BeyHive's tweets were nothing compared to what Lawson's youngest daughter was going to do to her. "Oh you know @solangeknowles gonna Beat that Ass," one person wrote.

The idea that Dash was headline-grabbing with her blog post was also a running theme. "There you go," someone wrote, "still grasping on your 15 minutes like grim death."

Some tweets got mean, going after her in the same way Dash felt Lawson did. "Mrs. Tina didn't lie though," one tweet read. "Kelly is cuter, smarter, and more appealing than you."

But it was one person's take on this whole thing that probably got at how we're all feeling. "A social media fight between Stacey Dash and Beyonce's mom is trending on Facebook," he wrote. "We need you now more than ever, Giant Meteor."

He's mostly joking — we think.

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