Two New Gilmore Girls Teasers Are Dropping Hints Left & Right

Gilmore Girls will be back before we know it — November 25, to be exact — but that doesn't mean we don't want a little something to hold us over until then. Like, you know, some tiny hints that can fuel our fan theories. Netflix seems to understand this and has dropped a few teasers aimed at answering fan questions. At first, these teasers may seems like nothing more than, well, a tease, but as Hello Giggles points out, there may be some major clues in these updates. You just have to pay attention. In one clip, Alexis Bledel reveals that "Rory’s become quite the Jack Kerouac." It's something we heard Lorelai say in the show's official trailer, much to Emily's great chagrin.
Kerouac wrote On The Road, and we know that Rory has been on the road herself. She's at a crossroads and has been living out of a suitcase. She can't even find her underwear. But, being the industrious person she is, Hello Giggles wonders if this means she's writing a book about her travels. The website questions if this is really why she's sitting down with Jess. Sure she couldn't be looking for advice from a guy who forged his own path, but he could also be helping her with the project. The last time we saw Jess in season 6, he was a published author who was working at a small independent publisher called Truncheon Books. Maybe, they're looking for an up-and-coming author to publish? Doesn't sound so farfetched. In another teaser, Lorelai herself (Lauren Graham), reveals that the chuppah lives. "It's standing strong in Lorelai's yard," Graham says of the wedding arch Luke built for her in season 2.

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The chuppah, with its intricate carvings of birds and flowers, and also a goat, became a symbol of their love. It's why knowing it's still around seems pivotal. As Bustle points out, it was given to her as an apology and it represented the hope that Luke and Lorelai would be together one day. It showed Luke's romantic side and was the location where he got real about his thoughts on marriage. When asked by Lorelai if he thinks people can evolve together, Luke said that if you find the right person who doesn't want to change you, "marriage can be alright." But, and not to be a downer, the chuppah was also the catalyst for Lorelai to call off her wedding to Max Medina. So, it doesn't necessarily stand for long-lasting love, but a reminder not to settle or do something your heart isn't quite sure about. This is clearly a very important chuppah. It's also a mysterious one. We don't know exactly what the chuppah clue means, but it's clear that Lorelai has a big decision to make about Luke — one, we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime though, we'll be watching some of the couple's greatest hits and hoping for the best.

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