A Choose Your Own Adventure Guide to Watching Gilmore Girls

Photo: Robert Voets/Netflix.
Don’t have time to watch all 153 episodes of the Gilmore Girls before it returns on November 25? Don’t worry, we've got you covered with this handy dandy guide, guaranteed to help you get the most out of the Gilmores before A Day In The Life premieres on Netflix.
Instead of watching every single episode, marathon through the series by focusing on specific categories that include episodes from the first season through the last. Unlike the revival, the seventh season is included in this catch-up. (Sorry, Amy Sherman-Palladino.)
Want to look back only at Rory's love life? We've got a crash course that touches on all three of her boyfriends. Wish you could go back and see what Lane was up to before the finale? We've got a condensed marathon for you that is filled with enough Mrs. Kim and Hep Alien moments to keep you occupied before all four 90-minute episodes start streaming.
If you want to see the highlights (and low lights) of Luke & Lorelai’s relationship, just watch 10 episodes that get at the heart of this couple’s love affair. And if you wish you could see all Kirk's best moments all in a row, don't worry, we've that covered, too.
The point being, you don’t have to watch every episode of the show to catch up on all things Gilmore. Think of this as the Cliff’s Notes version — a Choose Your Own Adventure marathon that is tailor-made for whatever kind of Gilmore Girls marathon you'd like to have.
Now, oy with the poodles already, it's time to start watching.

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