Does Taissa Farmiga Have A Selfie Stick On Next Week’s American Horror Story?

Photo: Carolyn Contino/REX/Shutterstock.
It seems that the early theories about which character American Horror Story: Murder House and Coven alumna Taissa Farmiga would play on Roanoke were wrong. But, we're okay with that since the actress finally made a (very brief, and kind of unclear) appearance in the promo clip for next week's episode, "Chapter 9." (Although I'm still holding out that she becomes a Supreme.) The long, straight blonde hair that appears in the top right corner of the promo screengrab, below, makes it unmistakably clear that it’s Farmiga. Moviepilot was the first to notice the uncanny resemblance between the anonymous hiker and Farmiga. The scene gives us major Blair Witch Project vibes, but with a millennial twist. I mean, she's holding a selfie stick and the mystery guy next to her has a GoPro on his head, because, did anything really happen in 2016 if it wasn't documented for social media?
Photo via FX/ YouTube.
Roanoke is wrapping up with only one episode left between us and the finale, so it feels a little late to introduce another new character, but it's Ryan Murphy's world, so it's Ryan Murphy's rules (no matter how confusing they may be). And, going off of Murphy's rules, she probably won't make it out of those woods alive. Watch the full terrifying preview, below.

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