Ezekiel’s Tiger Busts A Walking Dead Biological War Fan Theory

Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead hasn't offered too much mystery this season thus far. One of the few has been the exact motivations of Ezekiel, who you might remember better as the dude with the big-ass tiger. Oh, and the pomegranates and possible sexual chemistry with Carol. Specifically, the theory has to do with the feeding habits of Ezekiel's pigs. His soldiers let the hogs eat their fill of captured walkers before turning the boars over to the Saviors. So our minds raced back to season five, when Bob threatened Gareth and the Terminus cannibals with a biological attack via tainted meat. Could Ezekiel be doing the same to Negan and co? Well, probably not. The Hollywood Reporter notes that issue #117 of the comic sees Shiva, Ezekiel's tiger, savaging a series of walkers. Michonne asks if this could have a negative effects. "Whatever is in [the zombies] that makes us get up and walk seems to have no effect on animals," Ezekiel says in the relevant panels. "That said, I wouldn't smell [Shiva's] breath anytime soon." Now, we know that the comics aren't the show, but they can offer some valuable information about the show's future. Comics readers, for instance, weren't surprised by Glenn's death at Negan's hands. Let's say the pigs aren't zombie carriers. Why feed them full of diseased meat? Maybe Ezekiel figures that even though the animals themselves might be immune, they could be vectors for disease. Like rats with the plague fleas. Another possibility is that he doesn't want to deplete Kingdom resources on Savior animals. A third, more enteraining possibility is that Ezekiel just hates Negan and wants to fuck with him however possible. Why does a waiter spit in a rude guest's food? Because fuck him, that's why.

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