If You Love Coffee As Much As The Gilmore Girls Do, This New Coffee Subscription Is For You

Lorelai and Rory are known for their unusual relationship dynamic. With their 16-year age difference, the two act more like best friends than mother and daughter. While you might not identify with that particular aspect of their lives, there may be one thing about them that's totally relatable: their coffee addictions.
Throughout the series, the Gilmore girls are seen sipping coffee in practically every scene, and they talk endlessly about their love of the beverage. And how many of us have felt like Lorelai when she tells Luke she needs "coffee in an IV"? For hardcore fans of the show, Gilmore Girls and coffee will forever be intrinsically linked in our minds, our hearts, and our stomachs. That's exactly why the coffee company Boca Java just came out with a line of Gilmore Girls-inspired coffee flavors and a new subscription service called The Stars Hollow Coffee Club.
Sign up for the subscription to get any of the five special Stars Hollow flavors shipped right to your door. You can choose whole-bean or ground, and even how often you want it delivered. Look ahead for all the flavors and their descriptions from Boca Java; then, start stocking up for your all-night marathon of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life on November 25.

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