IHOP Adds WHAT To All Of Its Omelettes?!

Ever wonder how iHop's eggs get so fluffy? Almost as fluffy as its pancakes? Turns out the exact same ingredient is in fact behind the fluffiness of the restaurant's pancakes and omelettes: pancake batter. Extra Crispy recreated the famous iHop omelette, which also consists of salt, pepper, and shredded cheese (or whatever filler you want). You just mix the eggs and batter together, pour the concoction on a skillet, add the salt, pepper, and cheese, and flip it until it's cooked. The result? The batter "adds a touch of sweetness and results in an omelette that’s hefty and airy at the same time," Extra Crispy concluds. The combination sounds a little unsettling, true. But it has satisfied thousands of customers. The only downside is that this also means these eggs are off-limits if you've gone gluten-free.

Omelettes for dinner & all of your dreams will come true.

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