This Man’s Halloween Prank Is So Wrong (& Hilarious)

When trick-or-treaters come to Mark Spencer's house, they may be getting tricked themselves. He's devised a plot that'll truly scare kids this Halloween, and it requires two things: chocolate and brussels sprouts. "It'll soon be Halloween so time to prepare some yummy treats for the neighborhood kids," he tweeted. "Try dipping brussels sprouts in chocolate for them." According to his Twitter, he resides in the UK. He doesn't get more specific, so you may be better off just avoiding the whole country if you plan to trick-or-treat. (Time reports that Spencer's said he's joking, though, and hopefully, most kids know not to accept candy without wrappers anyway.) On the other hand, maybe he's discovered a way for kids to eat their vegetables.
To that end, that's not the only idea he's offering.
We smell a full-fledged chocolate-covered vegetable business in the making. But we sorely hope that trick-or-treaters aren't its first guinea pigs.

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