Is Alex Getting Fired On Grey’s Anatomy?

Things are not looking good for Alex on this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Though the peds surgeon hoped his clinic duty would be temporary, a clip from the upcoming episode reveals Mama Avery does not want the maybe-felon fixing tiny babies at Grey Sloan Memorial. Jackson's mom even calls Bailey out for being too lenient, citing her decision not to fire her husband after he gave a woman a C-section in the middle of a hallway when he could have gotten her to the operating room.
Mrs. Avery might be right to question if a man who beat another doctor to a bloody pulp deserves to keep his job, but Bailey isn't really lenient, she's understandably conflicted. The levels of shared trauma everyone experienced in season 1 is unbelievable. Bailey oversaw five interns — one was killed in a bus crash, one drowned, and one had end stage cancer. She and Alex were both in the hospital during a mass shooting, and Bailey herself removed the bullet lodged in his chest. She isn't just struggling to make a decision about a fellow doctor's career — she doesn't know what to do with a friend she obviously cares deeply about and feels a sense of responsibility for.
Fans will have to wait until tomorrow night to find out whether Alex will be putting his scrub cap back on, or becoming a full-time nanny to Meredith's children (I'd watch that show too).

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