This Guy Was Arrested For Dressing Up As A Tree & Blocking Traffic

Why wait for Halloween to cause a little terror? That was the thinking of Portland, Maine-based performance artist Asher A. Woodworth when he decided to dress up as a tree and block downtown traffic. Actually, what he was thinking was that he wanted to experiment with "people's natural choreography." Either way, the Daily Dot reports, he was arrested. Here's how it went down: 30-year-old Woodworth donned a particularly convincing set of foliage before inching into the middle of the street, causing some confusion in the traffic. Police, naturally, approached him and told him to stick to the side of the of the road. However, Woodworth is committed to his art. He got right back into the thick of things where he was rightfully arrested after being removed from his branches.
You can watch a video of his antics, including his arrest. The artist doesn't do much other than slowly walk across the crosswalk and stand around, but maybe that was the point? He wanted to give a performance, and that's definitely what happened.

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