The Westworld Website Has Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs

Westworld's website is known for holding signficant information about the show. The site has a great visualization of Dolores' story arcs, and now we know that it has some great easter eggs as well thanks to Tech Insider.

Basically, has a bot called AEDEN that will answer questions you pose to it. Often, those are simple things like information about individual hosts or how the park works. But if you ask specific questions, you will be given revelatory answers.

The bot answers questions about J.J. Abrams, its opinion on Game of Thrones, and a surprisingly shifty response to a query about Donald Trump. But the most interesting thing happens when you press "shift" with your cursor outside the text box. A glitch occurs, and an audio file plays: "Hell is empty, and all the devils are here," the voice says.

That's a strong thematic message about the Westworld universe. We hesitate to say more. There are also easter eggs that allow you to access internal Delos communication and a map of the headquarters.

Watch the video below to see how.

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