This Site Lets You See All Of Dolores’ Westworld Arcs At Once

One of the specific but significant pleasure of Westworld is that we have now internalized all of Dolores' branching story arcs. When we see her drop the can, we have the expectation that Teddy will come over and pick it up. Our expectations are constantly played with and subverted, in much the same way that Tom Waits does on a much more minor level on "No One Knows I'm Gone." In the Waits song, the rhyme scheme means that we automatically fill in "here" at the end of the verse, when in fact he's singing "gone." So we pre-emptively fill in the other lyric while Waits provides us with the real one. Similarly, we fill in Teddy's approach and feel the small dissonance when someone else arrives with the can. It's something that's been played with in classical music and famously in Groundhog Day, but it's relatively unique to narrative TV. Anyway, you can now see all of Dolores' story arcs play out in an easy-to-follow flowchart hosted on the official Westworld website. We already know a lot of this stuff intuitively, but it's illuminating to see it all laid out like this. And we have redditor mean_streets to thank. This probably won't add much new information, but seeing how all the relationships play out gives us an idea that the rules regulating Westworld might be very simple. If-then reasoning laid over very human-like robots creates a very complicated park. Unless, that is, things start going wrong.

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