Kylie Jenner Explains “Stupid” Moment That People Can’t Let Go Of

Kylie Jenner is just a little bit more self-aware than some people give her credit for. Case in point: She knows you've all been laughing at her for the time Kris Jenner presented her with a baby pig as a housewarming gift. "Is that a chicken?" she squeals with delight, inadvertently launching a hilarious Vine meme. On Saturday, she took to Snapchat to reassure fans that she does have some basic knowledge of farm animals.
"Everyone keeps tweeting me this one Vine of my mom getting me a pig, and I mistake it for a chicken," Kylie says on her latest Snapchat story. "But here's the real story behind me thinking that it's a chicken. So I love chickens. My mom asked me what I wanted for my housewarming gift and I told her I want chickens. I want a chicken coop. I'm, like, dying to have a chicken. We had, like, over 10 conversations about it, so when I saw her downstairs with something all wrapped up in her arms, and I was upstairs, of course, I assumed that it was a fucking chicken. I never asked for a pig. We had, like, 10 conversations about this damn chicken."
Hmm, so maybe the clueless one here is Kris. Why would she think a miniature pig and a chicken were interchangeable gifts? Kylie's even spoken in interviews about her ambition to be a chicken farmer one day. "When I’m, like, 30, I want to go off the map, have a family, and live in Malibu [CA] with a farm, and just raise my own chickens," she told Interview in December 2015. Or maybe, Kris just thought she'd want some bacon to go with all those eggs. (Apologies to the pig, who is very cute and did nothing to deserve all this negative attention.) "I just wanted to make the public announcement that I do know the difference between a chicken and a pig, so you guys don't have to worry," Kylie said in conclusion. Then, she returned one more time to add, "All my friends are private Snapchatting me about how funny they think the Vine is. Thanks guys, I get it. I look real fucking stupid."

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