This Pretty Little Liars Farewell Might Be The Saddest Yet

If you're a fan of Pretty Little Liars, you're probably in the midst of a whirlwind of emotions about the show ending for good. As viewers, saying goodbye to our favorite characters can feel like a breakup. For cast members, it seems that saying goodbye to one another is no easy feat, either. After seven seasons of working together, it's easy to understand that bonds run deep. According to what some of our favorite stars from the show have been posting to social media, these goodbyes might be even more emotional than what we witnessed on the show itself. For co-stars Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen, the emotional connection may be even more intense off-screen than what we're privy to on the show. As all loyal fans remember, their characters, Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh, basically won our hearts. Watching their story wrap up on-screen left us wanting more. If you're a die-hard "Spoby" shipper, the sweet message Allen posted about Bellisario on Instagram might feel even more bittersweet than the actual final moments the couple had on-screen. As you can read in the caption above, Allen writes a super heartfelt caption to Bellisario that makes us collectively swoon. "In these last hours embodying our characters, I want to reflect on a great love I have for you. Last night, I was very present and took the time to really look at you as you are now. I have grown up with you and learned so much from you. I’m a better person because of you. I will continue to look up to you as an actor, because you care so deeply for our craft, and bring the greatest truth to everything you do. I absolutely love you Troian Bellisario. And as our characters drift off into space and away from our control, I remain grateful I could inhabit their existence with you right there to ground and protect me. I will miss these subtle moments and quick, brief glimpses of you and this whole surreal experience.” While it doesn't appear that Bellisario has shared a status specifically about Allen, she did share her own emotional goodbye to the entire experience of Pretty Little Liars. Posted to Instagram this morning, Bellisario's reflection of her time on set gives us serious envy, because the experience sounds nothing short of magical and supportive.
She writes, "It's a little past 4AM and I'm crawling into bed after the last fraturday I'll ever pull on [PLL.] There is something so magical about these work day/nights. Everyone is so raw. So funny. So tired and so unapologetically caring for one another. I'm allowed to be my silliest on set, I'm aloud [sic] to cry my heart out in a scene. I'm aloud [sic] to drink too much coffee and laugh and sing way too loud and fall asleep on everyone else's chair at video village while they work tirelessly and gently prop me up for my next take. That's family. That's who I work with. And these are the nights I'll miss the most. 3 more wake ups left." Is there anything sweeter than seeing our favorite stars share their real-life bonds and friendships? We'll have to keep an eye out for future posts from our favorite cast members — it's too soon to say goodbye!

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