Photographer Captures Wedding Party’s Reaction As She Almost Gets Hit By A Car

Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
Many dedicated photographers will do anything to get that perfect shot. An Alabama-based wedding photographer named Leslie Hollingsworth recently took that concept to the extreme and, we have to give it to her, it paid off. On September 9, Hollingsworth was shooting the wedding of Peter Saab and Leah Juliano in downtown Birmingham, the Huffington Post reports. The Saab-Juliano wedding party was pretty big, so the photographer decided to step back a bit to get a wider shot that would include everyone. That required her to walk about two feet into the road behind her. After only being out there a few seconds, a car came flying past and missed Hollingsworth by just a few inches. At the time, it was pretty startling. The brave shutterbug told HuffPo, "The father of the bride was yelling and shaking his fists at the driver." Despite the close call, Hollingsworth wasn't too bothered and went on with the wedding photo shoot. This is where the alarming moment turns into a pretty hilarious story. Hollingsworth shoots with a film camera, so she can't see the photos as she takes them. It wasn't until the film was being processed that she realized she had actually captured the wedding party's reaction to her brush with danger. Of the resulting photo, Hollingsworth said, “It was so hysterical. All the girls are horrified. The couple is sitting there indifferently. They don’t even notice anything. And all the guys are like, ‘What just happened?’” Clearly, the couple was just completely blinded by their love and their photographer was able to capture it. See for yourself, below.

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