Louis Tomlinson Drops $7.3M On Hollywood Hills Mansion

Louis Tomlinson's newest purchase shows just how good it is to have been in your generation's defining boy band. The ex-Directioner majorly upgraded when he bought a $7.3 million, four bed, six bath mansion in the hills of Hollywood.
The house is a melding of contemporary style and classic Hollywood architecture. It's been around since 1937 and looks like the kind of place where one could plausibly fall off the railing, BoJack Horseman style. The patio and wide windows offer dream views of the city. We know that Louis is a responsible guy, but one could really do some quality debauchery here. This is the type of place that Hollywood movies give to a really sleazy pimp or pornographer or some other kind of degenerate. The art deco influences really drive home the dissolution. French doors open onto a beautiful pool and lounge area in which one could do some major floating around. There's also a bar and incredible tropical lounge area.
We'd say more, but we just love this house too much to even type.