You Guys: There’s An IRL Barb

Sometimes there's a picture so retro that you can only express your feelings about it via a Pimp My Ride meme. Here it is, the meme.
So why are we showing you this? Because a very fortunate redditor, jujuness, works with a person named Barb. And that Barb looked an awful like Shannon Purser's Barb from Stranger Things. "She said she was freaked out when watching the show, because she saw herself," jujuness writes. "I would be too!" As are we. Of course, in a similar fashion to The Birthday Paradox, it seems likely that there would be a Barb that looked like the Barb. (The Birthday Paradox states that in a room of 75 people, it's 99.9% likely that two people have the same birthday. It's weird, but true, and a fun way to make small amounts of money off strangers.) Here's Barb. IRL Barb has apaprently lived to a normal age and works as a nurse. Go IRL Barb.
The best reply goes to user taidg. "She's so lucky, I which I could watch myself get horribly murdered," the user writes. Same!

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