Saturday Night Live Pissed Off All Of Britain With This Skit

A skit from last week's Saturday Night Live poked fun at the reality show The Great British Bake Off, but people in the U.K. were definitely not laughing. Multiple British publications were offended by the parody, which included Emily Blunt and Cecily Strong as contestants from "the only town that voted unanimously for the Brexit," Jezebel reported.

The Mirror
said it was "bizarre" and reported that viewers were tweeting about inaccuracies, like the bakers appearing in pairs. The Telegraph was mad at SNL for bringing up Brexit, saying the reference "ignores the comfortingly apolitical nature of the show." Their article quoted a tweet calling the sketch "painfully unfunny."

The Guardian
said Emily Blunt should have known better, being British herself, than to read from a script that was so "wrong." The article's author, Peter Bradshaw, took it pretty personally. "It’s painful to realize that we’re not SNL’s friends, and stupid old Britain (Jon Stewart called us America’s deadbeat older brother) is just as alien, just as laugh-at-able as Trump," he wrote. We get it, Britain. We can make fun of your politicians, but we'll lay off your baking shows.

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