Someone Invented A New Starbucks Drink Called Baby Vomit

Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images
At this point, "secret" menu items aren't exactly, well, a secret. A quick Google search gives you seemingly endless options, but this one from Starbucks might just take the cake. Crazier than the Oatmeal Latte or their Pink Drink, Baby Vomit is the newest thing all the customers are craving, and you can probably guess what it smells like. Obvious question: why exactly would somebody want a drink that's described as vomit? Because it's nutso. Baby Vomit is made up of pretty much every flavor Starbucks has to offer, filled with seventeen ingredients ranging from coconut milk to salt. It was discovered after Reddit user and Starbucks barista Miyomei uploaded a photo to the site, later corroborated by fellow user and barista Dart51984, who posted the recipe. You can get one yourself by ordering a venti iced latte and asking for these additions: 1 pump sugar free Vanilla
1 pump sugar free Cinnamon Dolce
1 pump Pumpkin Spice
2 pumps sugar free Hazelnut
1 pump sugar free Mocha
1 pump sugar free Caramel Syrup
Coconut Milk
6 scoops Matcha powder
Mocha Drizzle
Light Vanilla powder
Light Caramel drizzle
Light Cinnamon powder
Light Nutmeg powder
Add salt topping
Add whip
Light ice
Pumpkin topping However, don't expect to be able to walk into a Starbucks and order a tall Baby Vomit sans context. When it comes to "secret drinks," employees often don't know them. However, they are happy to make them if given a recipe. And, of course, you can expect an extra charge.

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