This Starbucks Secret Menu Item Might Be The Perfect Breakfast

Photo: Starbucks
We all love secret menu items from Starbucks, but this new one is going to blow your mind. It's called an oatmeal latte — and it's basically a filling, caffeinated breakfast in a cup. What's not to love?
Popsugar broke down how to order this treat, which you should think of as an upgraded bowl of oatmeal with steamed milk a powerful boost of espresso. It's simple: order oatmeal and request steamed milk instead of hot water (it works with soy and almond milk, too). Then, order a shot or two of espresso (only you know how much you need) and ask the barista to add them on top. If they can't (or won't), just get those shots separately and add them yourself.
Let the oatmeal cook for about three minutes, then top with the brown sugar, nuts, and honey (maybe some pumpkin spice?) when you're ready to eat. You can eat most of it with a spoon, and drink whatever's left over. Easy-peasy!
This genius dish isn't a new invention, Extra Crispy reports. Cuppa Joe, a café in Breckenridge, CO, has been serving oatmeal lattes since 2015. The owner wanted to create the ultimate portable breakfast for her active, fitness-focused clientele, and it's been a huge success. It's also not a difficult recipe to copy at home.
Or you can be lazy like us and take your order to the experts, er...baristas.

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