Black Female Doctors Clap Back At Delta With This Powerful Hashtag

Over the past week, two black female doctors have claimed that staff onboard Delta planes told them not to attend to passengers in need of medical care. OB/GYN Tamika Cross, MD wrote in a viral Facebook post that a flight attendant told her they needed "actual physicians or nurses" and then chose a white man to treat an unconscious man. Family medicine doctor Ashley Denmark, DO similarly wrote in the blog Melanin in Medicine that the flight attendant asked two white nurses to offer a passenger medical assistance even though protocol is to enlist doctors. In response, Hello Giggles reports, people are using the hashtag #WhatADoctorLooksLike to show that (obviously) you don't have to look like a white man to be a doctor. One called on Delta to teach their staff about implicit biases.
"Stereotypes can cost a life," another wrote.
One shared this epic photo.
Women have also been using the hashtag #thisiswhatwelooklike for a while to show that doctors, CEOS, and other professionals don't always look the way stereotype would have it.
If anyone's still wondering whether a black woman can care for someone who's sick or injured, these tweets should prove it once and for all.

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