Luke Hemsworth Almost Played This Other Westworld Character

Photo: David Buchan/REX/Shutterstock.
Luke Hemsworth seems perfectly suited to his role as gruff head of security Ashley Stubbs on Westworld. And we can't think of anyone other than James Marsden in the role of charismatic cowboy host Teddy. But as Hemsworth revealed in a new Vulture interview, this perfect casting almost didn't happen. "I think I auditioned way back at the start, and I auditioned for James Marsden's character. As did 5,000 other people," Hemsworth told Vulture. "It then went away and morphed and did all of its bits and pieces, and then it came back, and [casting director] John Papsidera suggested I come in for the role of Stubbs." He continued, "It was a no-brainer to me. I was absolutely going to jump onboard."
Well, this is definitely a case of things working out the way they're supposed to, because Hemsworth is excellent in his Westworld role. The third Hemsworth bro is garnering praise from viewers for his acting chops, on-point American accent (he's Australian) — and, yes, his, er, genetic good fortune. "Luke Hemsworth needs more screen time," one fan tweeted. "He's secretly a better actor than his brothers." Now, of course we would never pick favorites or fuel sibling rivalry, but we will say this: Luke is catching up to his little brothers Chris and Liam real fast.

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