Let This 5th Grader Teach You How To Write A Love Letter

If you've been trying to write the perfect note to your significant other, you'd might as well give up now. A fifth grader just wrote a love letter that knocks all other love letters out of the park. A relative of the letter's recipient posted it on Reddit for all the world to see and learn from, Cosmopolitan reported. "This 5th grader has more game than I'll ever have," they wrote.
We can't argue with that — although it turns out it was actually a team effort. "I was told by my niece, other girls in the class helped with the decorations on it," the redditor, known as dreichert87, commented. "Dear Abby," it reads, "Your eyes remind me of the evening sky. My heart felt like broken glass until I saw you, and then I felt like I had every Pokémon ever. I love how you play Zelda even when people think it’s weird. If you like me it would be my first ever victory." We have to admit, Abby does sound pretty awesome. She didn't reciprocate her classmate's affections, however, and it sounds like she had a good reason. "I was told the boy has previously hit a girl at school," dreichert87, wrote. However, they added, "she said she will still remain friends, and they continue to talk about Zelda in art class." At the very least, this fifth grader just proved that romance these days doesn't solely exist via text and Snapchat — sometimes, you just need a good old-fashioned letter to do the trick.

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