11 Ways To Rock Your Pregnant Belly On Halloween

If you love dressing up, you've probably been looking forward to Halloween all year. And with the surplus of clever costume ideas born out of every day of this weird, weird year, who can blame you? If you happen to be pregnant, however, you may feel like your costume options are more limited this time around. But don't fret. Pregnancy is actually an opportunity for you to get even more creative.
A pregnant belly is, in fact, the perfect way to get ultra-inventive with your Halloween costume. Sure, there's nothing stopping you from dressing up as the pregnant version of your costume of choice, and you should by all means dress up as a pregnant Harley Quinn if you so wish.
But look at it this way: There are some costumes that you can really only do when you have a baby bump. So why waste the opportunity to get dressed up in them while you can?
Whether you're on the lookout for a scary, cute, or just plain comfy Halloween costume, we've got your back. Without further ado, click ahead for some Halloween costume inspiration that takes your bump into account.

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