The Awesome Way Twitter Is Celebrating National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day, a holiday created by the Human Rights Campaign in the '80s to promote the visibility of LGBTQ people. There are plenty of ways to observe this day IRL, though, it has received an overwhelming amount of attention online, too. Twitter users have been tweeting about the holiday and sharing their coming out stories with the hashtag #NationalComingOutDay. Simply browsing the tweets with this hashtag will bring up hundreds of unique, personal narratives about how people relate to their sexual identity. While some users celebrated the anniversary of their coming out, others tweeted about doing so just recently. There were also those who used the hashtag as an opportunity to come out safely, explaining that they don't live in an environment that fully accepts their identity. These stories serve as a reminder that no two people have the same experience when they come out. Luckily, #NationalComingOutDay has provided a safe space for the LGBTQ community to exchange stories and support each other. Below, read on for a handful of the tweets celebrating this day.

If you are an LGBTQ person thinking about suicide, please call the Trevor Lifeline at 1-866-488-7386.
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