Some White People Think Luke Cage Is Racist: Not A Joke

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Luke Cage was released last Friday, and it's only taken a week for racist Twitter to rear its ugly head in response to the Marvel Universe offshoot. The Netflix series stars Mike Colter as the bulletproof titular character, marking a milestone for diversity in superhero treatments on the small screen. Luke Cage takes place in Harlem and features an impressive supporting cast of mostly Black actors, including Mahershala Ali (Remy Danton on House of Cards), Rosario Dawson, and Alfre Woodard.
Of course, this only strikes people as a problem if they can't conceive of a world in which white people are not at the center of every story. Those delightful folks are taking to Twitter — as racist trolls tend to do — to rip the show. "Lack of white people in Luke Cage makes me uncomfortable. This show is racist," wrote one user. Here's another gem: "is it me or the new Netflix. Luke Cage a little racist. Notice it's mostly black where is the diversity."
Others take issue with the fact that the characters reference — and even have whole conversations about — being Black. One such ignorant soul tweeted, "im not racist but :/ why is luke cage so political :/ why do they talk about being black all the time :/ where are the white characters :/." (Sorry to break it to you, buddy, but it kinda sounds like you're extremely racist.)
But for every nitwit with a Twitter handle, there's a witty, wise, articulate human there to counteract the idiocy. "The same people getting upset about a lack of white people in Luke Cage are in for a surprise when Black Panther comes out," one person tweeted in a funny but accurate statement. Another hilariously wrote, "They had a white character on Luke Cage. He was a corrupt cop. #Yall were adequately represented." And somebody else mused, "LMAO at white people vexing at the lack of white characters on 'Luke Cage', now you know what watching 'Friends' felt like." Exactly. Now, go binge Luke Cage if you haven't already, and appreciate the fact that there's not a single "racist" thing about it.

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