What Your Love Of Trashy Movies Says About Your Intelligence

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A version of this story originally appeared on Shape. Hate-watchers, rejoice. A study published earlier this month in the journal Poetics has found that most people who love bad movies happen to be pretty darn smart. Related: Symptoms Of Stress For the study, participants answered an online questionnaire about why they enjoy movies that are generally considered trashy. The survey described "trash films" as movies that were cheaply and poorly made, with embarrassing or even disturbing content. Sharknado, its three sequels, and Plan 9 From Outer Space were the top-ranked so-bad-they're-good films among the respondents. The majority of those who proclaimed their love for these movies turned out to be well-educated, intelligent people who the study called "cultural omnivores," or people who have eclectic tastes in the varieties of culture they consume.
Related: Why Can’t I Remember Names Anymore?! The study also noted that these smarty-pantses don't watch these movies because they find them genuinely moving. Actually, most people who said they enjoyed bad movies said they liked them for ironic purposes. At any rate, if you're one of those "cultural omnivores" who loves nothing more than tuning into Krull or Troll 2 on a Friday night, keep doing you, you smart cookie.

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