This Ice Cream Will Get You Drunk, For Real

Perhaps the thing most messed up about rum raisin ice cream is that there's not nearly enough rum. Sure, you might get a little taste of it on the way down. But what if you want to go to an ice cream social and get totally tanked (or respectfully buzzed) without lifting a glass to your lips? Enter Tipsy Scoop. This is the boozy ice cream that features, you know, actual booze as part of the recipe. Design Taxi says that one serving is roughly equivalent to a light beer. Let that sink in. While you're doing that, look at how pretty this is.

Biscuits n boozy ? ???? @befatbehappy

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The brand offers hand-crafted ice cream mixed with booze custom-selected to make a delicious cocktail. And you can buy it, like, now. Current seasonal flavors include Rum Root Beer Float, Spiked S'more, and Chocolate Stout. You can also get it in the form of cakes. That sounds insanely good. And as we mentioned, it gets you drunk. Beyond the obvious prank potential (getting unsuspecting party guests hammered, after you take their keys), this just seems like an obviously good idea. We've had spiked milkshakes and even boozy cereal milk. Why has this taken so long? Who cares. It exists, we want it.

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