30 Looks That Show The Many Sides Of “French Girl” Style

Photographed by Christian Vierig.
French girl this, French girl that. It doesn't matter what girl, in what era, we're referring to — whether it's Françoise Hardy, Catherine Deneuve, or Caroline de Maigret. There's just something about her effortless je ne sais quoi attitude toward style that people can't stop breaking down, dissecting, and attempting to emulate. One quick Google search and an array of "how-to's" will surface, claiming that all one really needs to nail down that Parisian look is a striped shirt, a leather jacket, and a solid pair of black booties.
Well, no offense to the plethora of internet guides out there (our own included), but we've learned that French style is so much more than a few reliable basics. And there's no better time to see the diverse nature of aesthetics in the City of Light than at Paris Fashion Week. Over the past eight or so days, we've seen sheer layers, luxe athleisure, and pattern-mixing that prove there's no one look that defines how French women dress. Click through to see some of our favorites.