Get Ready To Obsess Over Jessica Williams’ Fresh Fall Hair Color

?✨?✨?✨? Ready for Octobes. Hair by @ohaiadeola #eatcraylove #lavenderhair #lavenderlocs #purplehair

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What’s a woman to do between high-profile TV gigs? If you’re comedian, actress, and all-around cool girl Jessica Williams, who departed The Daily Show after serving up the most spot-on segments as a senior correspondent, you brainstorm swoon-worthy hair ideas. Exhibit A: The star uploaded a bright-lavender dreadlocks look to Instagram on Sunday — and we couldn't love it more. The style, created by New York-based hairstylist Ohai Adeola, is the celeb's first dip into the vivid-hair-color pool. (She typically sticks with natural shades for on-air appearances, but Adeola says the idea to go bold was all Williams.) “The idea was now that she has some downtime, she can try something out of the box and any [hair] color she wants," Adeola says. "She had a clear vision of what she wanted the locs to look like. And, as I was doing her hair, she knew exactly where she wanted to place the lighter and darker shades of lavender. It was all her.” To create the look, the stylist used synthetic Marley braids that Williams had sourced online. Adeola
then matched the volume of Williams’ hair to the lavender-dyed Marley hair, twisting the two together (then wrapping the former around said twist) to create the dreadlocks. The appointment, which was done in Williams’ home, took a total of seven hours to complete. And it was worth the wait. “She looks like a mermaid goddess,” Adeola says, pointing out that while the color is bright, it's soft enough to flatter the comedian’s skin. What did Williams think? “She was really excited. She texted me the next day to thank me,” she says. “I’m so happy she can experience color and be in this free, creative aspect of who she really is. I’m just happy that can be brought out.”

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