Chloë Grace Moretz Returns To Acting In Remake Of Ballet Horror Classic

J. Countess/Getty Images
Chloë Grace Moretz will not exactly stay away from acting for an eternity. The actor will star in a remake of Italian horror classic Suspiria alongside Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson, according to Variety. The film is a remake of a 1977 horror film directed by gore master Dario Argento. It tells the story of an American ballerina who travels to Munich to enter a prestigious dance academy. The academy is, like, insanely sinister, and the ballerinas start dying by increasingly brutal means. Our heroine, Suzy Banion, eventually discovers that a coven of witches has been using the academy to sustain their queen, who is the academy's ancient founder. Think of it like Black Swan but with way more murder and a higher number of witches. Suspiria, which means "sighs" in Latin, is considered a cult classic for several reasons. The score, by the band Goblin, is excellent and menacing. Argento directs a series of deaths that are as inventive as they are hard to watch. And, finally, it's one of the last movies ever processed in Technicolor, which gives it a very distinctive look. Moretz has made a career of starring in remakes of horror classics. Previously, she's starred in both Carrie and Let Me In. Carrie is, of course, a remake of a De Palma adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Let Me In is a remake of a 2008 Swedish horror film about vampires. Suspiria is slated to be released in 2017.

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